Fishing at Buttermilk Falls

Fishing in the Spring, Summer & Fall

Lake Boshkung, (part of a 3 lake chain that also includes Little Boshkung and Twelve Mile Lake) is a sought after fishing destination and a great place to fish.  The resort is located right at the mouth of the Buttermilk Falls which creates a great natural fishing hole. Farther out the lake reaches depths over 200ft creating an ideal habitat for walleye (pickerel) and lake trout. There is also bass, white fish and ling-cod in our waters.

Linda's Bass

Bring Your Own Boat (or Rent One)

At Buttermilk Falls Resort, we provide non-powered watercraft that you can use for fishing or other forms of recreation, but we know that a lot of people prefer to fish from their own boat.

There is a public launch at Carnarvon into Little Boshkung (our sister lake), from there its a pleasant trip to the north end of Boshkung and the resort. Get an early start and trawl you way up the lake. Maybe you can catch dinner!

If you want to rent a fishing boat, we recommend contacting J.C. Powersport in Carnarvon. They will deliver your boat to the resort, provide fuel and pick it up when you are done.

We put our dock in at the beginning of May, ready for spring fishing, and it stays in until after Thanksgiving. Tying up to our dock is free for guests, but please tell us you are bringing or renting a boat so we can make sure there is room for everyone.

Ice Fishing

Ice Huts on Lake Boshkung

During the winter months we are famous for our ice fishing. Enjoy one of our heated ice huts and a cold beverage while you fish for Lake Trout, Pickerel, White Fish and Ling Cod. Our huts are on 60-70 ft of water a short walk from the cottages. We provide bait and tip-ups (if you need them), and if the weather is nice we are more than happy to cut you a hole outside where you can enjoy the day and try to catch the big one.

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